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Jodie Cooper, born in North East Lincolnshire, UK has been working as a vocalist & DJ all over the world for the past 15 years.

She has achievements under her belt as a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, entertainment manager and more recently as a vocal DJ with her crowd pleasing, high energy live sets. 

Jodie is looking forward to fulfil more experiences and is now available for bookings all over the UK and Europe as a professional singer and Vocal DJ. 

Jodie Yang-Cooper - Singer DJ - Wedding DJ - Club DJ
Jodie Yang - Cooper

Jodie Yang-Cooper - Singer DJ - Wedding DJ - Club DJ


Jodie an international Female DJ and vocalist will not only provide you with a DJ service where you get to hear some of the chart toppers and dance music, but she also sings whilst DJing. 


Combining over a decade of experience as a professional female singer and a passion for DJing, she has created an option where the client receives popular pre-recorded music with the addition of live vocals. 


She specialises in her passion for progressive house, nu disco, deep house, lounge, tech house and electro as well as offering choices of pop songs, top 40 hits, R&B. 


Her amazing vocal skills as a talented female singer means she can adapt her singing style for different musical genres. As well as singing to well-known tunes, she is able to apply her soulful vocals to electronic music and freestyle over the top. 


Prior to returning to the UK only recently, Jodie spent the last 5 years working in Mainland China. Whilst in China, Jodie worked in all major cities as both a singer and DJ for the most exclusive clubs, lounges and large outdoor festivals and events.  


 In 2014 Jodie was also the only foreigner to be in the TV Show Chinese Idol on the nationwide Chinese talent show. The show, which is only in Chinese and watched by more than a billion viewers, saw Jodie reach the last 30 contestants. 


Whilst in China Jodie also learnt speak the language and can now sing in both Chinese and Korean and following the success of Chinese Idol, then went on to enter The Voice of China were she came 3rd for the Sichuan province and in 2016, the second series of the Super Girls female talent show. 


Jodie, is a sensational entertainer with incredible vocal abilities, a diverse collection of songs and a very flexible approach to events. She has extensive experience performing at a variety of events all over the world from exclusive clubs, lounges to large outdoor festivals, opening ceremonies and large scale events.

She offers her services to clients all over the world and more than happy to customise her setlist and appearance according to preferences.


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